Preparing Your Home for Sale

Properly preparing your home before it hits the market is crucial in order to receive your desired response. Home preparations do not have to be expensive and time consuming. A few simple improvements can go a long way.

Step 1: Cleaning

The first step to a buyer-friendly home is simply cleaning. Make sure everything from the kitchen sink to the bathroom tiles sparkle. Part of cleaning your home is decluttering. Doing so will switch buyers’ focus from the pile of shoes in the entry way to the beautiful hardwood floors that span wall to wall. When staging your home to sell, it is important to do so in a way that buyers can imagine themselves in the space. Taking down all personal items is an important part of this process. The last part of cleaning is to take into consideration smells in your home. Strong lingering smells are automatically noticed by buyers when they walk in the door and make a poor first impression.

Step 2: Basic Repairs

Depending on the current condition of your home, you may decide to take care of any outstanding repairs and projects that have been on your to-do list. Fundamentally you should tighten lose door handle, fix leaky faucets and clean out the gutters. To increase the value of your home prior to sale, you may decide to complete a handful of upgrades to your home. This could span from replacing your roof to remodeling your kitchen. There are different levels of return that can be generated through different projects. It is best to take the advice of a professional to have an understanding of what will be the best spend of your money to generate this return.

Step 3: Highlight Features

Highlighting the best features of your home will lead to a better buyer response. Open blinds to let in the natural light. Natural light is a huge selling point in a home and buyers are sure to respond positively. Remove all bulky furniture from rooms to make them appear bigger and organize closets to give them a more spacious appearance. Another tip to highlighting the focal points of your home is to use color. Placing a bright pillow on the window seat will draw the buyer’s attention to the large window.

Step 4: Improve Facade

The last, and most important step of home preparation is ensuring buyers have a good first appearance. Your home’s façade is the first thing a potential buyer will seen when approaching your home. This first appearance can make or break a home. Plant healthy, vibrant flowers in the front of the yard or in pots placed on the front steps. Ensure the walkway is decluttered and inviting.


These simple steps will take your home to the next level and increase buyer interest. The key to home preparation is allowing buyers to see themselves living happily in your home.