Other Communities

Piedmont Avenue – Wrapped around its fabulous and bustling commercial district, the homes of Piedmont Avenue include many stunning examples of bungalows and period revivals of a variety of shapes and sizes.

Glenview – Known for its tight knit feel, 1920s bungalows, and a cute little commercial strip on Park Boulevard, Glenview is a very desirable neighborhood.

Oakmore – A gem of a neighborhood, off the beaten path, private and delightful, with stunning views, good schools, and a serene feel.

Cleveland Heights/Haddon Hill – Bordering Lake Merritt, this neighborhood is home to winding tree lined streets and beautiful homes. 

Maxwell Park – A tight knit community set over rolling landscape, adjacent to Mills College.

The Laurel – A bright neighborhood with a vibrant and diverse population.

The Dimond/Lincoln Highlands – A district on the upswing, the area has its roots as a cherry orchard and German Beer gardens, before Prohibition.

Redwood Heights – Known for a friendly neighborhood feel, a tight knit school community and pretty views of the San Francisco Bay and surrounding hills.

NOBE – Short for “North Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville,” NOBE is a hot neighborhood that has rapidly become popular among the younger generation.

West Oakland – With industrial roots that date back to the late 1800s, West Oakland has some of Oakland’s finest examples of Victorian era houses, and warehouses are being converted into hip, cutting edge live work communities and lofts.

Jack London Square – Warehouses-turned lofts and other newer, hip housing projects have transformed this industrial area into a trendy place to call home.

Emeryville – A small town on the Bay nestled between Oakland and Berkeley, Emeryville teems with an outdoor shopping mall and trendy newer condos, townhomes, and lofts.

El Cerrito – An enclave of relatively affordable homes that range from the flats up into the hills, just north of Berkeley.

Kensington – A serene, tree filled neighborhood in the hills along the northern edge of Berkeley. Known for it’s parks, dramatic Bay Views, and peace and quiet.