Temescal is a trendy neighborhood and a part of Oakland’s cultural hub. Telegraph Avenue is a thriving commercial center, and new and exciting spots have opened up along 40th Street and on Broadway. The neighborhood borders Rockridge to the north, and Piedmont Avenue to the east. The MacArthur BART station is only a few blocks away, making commuting to San Francisco a breeze. The neighborhood is bounded by 51st Street, Broadway, 40th Street, and the 24 freeway.  

Temescal is known for its lovely historic craftsman bungalows, which dot along quiet streets. Art Galleries in the Alley behind Telegraph street open on First Fridays, a popular and lively monthly street fair put on by the Art Murmur. Bites on Broadway is a fun family gathering – it’s like a summer neighborhood picnic with food trucks, kids and dogs running amok. The restaurant scene on Telegraph continues to grow, with a plentitude of delicious world cuisines. 

Historical Tidbit:

Temescal comes from the word “Temescalli” which  means “sweat house” in an Aztec language – it is thought that the Spanish saw Ohlone structures here that looked similar to the Temescalli that were in other parts of the New World, and the name stuck.