Rose Garden – Oakland


The Oakland Rose Garden (not to be confused with the Berkeley Rose Garden) is a small pocket of homes between 580, Grand Avenue, Oakland Avenue and the Piedmont Border. The neighborhood is named for the Morcom Rose garden which sits on it’s northwestern border, with Piedmont on the other side. Mixed in to the normal variety of California bungalows and other 1920s styled homes are several older structures, including a Queen Anne from the late 1800s and some other early and notable examples of Craftsman on a grander scale. At least one Julia Morgan designed home graces the streets here. Walkable to the Grand Avenue and Lakeshore Avenue Shops, and to the Piedmont Avenue shops, the Rose Garden is a wonderful location for those that like to have access to dining, shopping, and cafes on foot but want to come home to a quiet, residential setting.

Like Crocker Highlands and Grand Lake, the Rose Garden is popular among commuters to San Francisco, with several casual carpool stops, the express bus, and 580 freeway entrances all close at hand.

Historical Tidbit:

Photos circa 1900 show that the Rose Garden was still farmland and open meadows, with several farmhouses interspersed among the fields.