Rockridge is one of the first neighborhoods that home seekers come to know in their search for a home in Oakland. Home buyers get to know the Broadway Terrace exit off of highway 13 very well during their search. There are actually two parts of Rockridge: Upper and Lower, that are very different in character and history.

Lower Rockridge

This area is very popular among home buyers coming from San Francisco, and with good reason. College Avenue, a delightful stretch of shops, restaurants, and cafes are a short stroll for most residents of the neighborhood. A BART station on College Avenue provides commuters easy access to downtown San Francisco. The architecture is delightful, mostly variations on the Arts and Crafts era California Bungalow. Houses are close together in many areas of Rockridge, and as a result, many neighbors know each other and take pride in the cozy feel that characterizes most of the streets.

Upper Rockridge

Upper Rockridge sits just above the Claremont Country Club golf course and the Mountain View Cemetery. It is up the hill from College Avenue, making it more of a hike than a stroll, but the payoff is that many homes have breathtaking views of the San Francisco skyline and bridge views. Much of this area was destroyed in the devastating fire in 1991, and so many of the homes here were rebuilt soon thereafter which gives Upper Rockridge a more contemporary feel than other Oakland neighborhoods.

Historical Tidbit:

Dreyers Ice Cream maintains its international headquarters on College Avenue, and it’s only retail store is on site, where visitors are often offered an opportunity to test new flavors and products.