Montclair is a large neighborhood in Oakland, stretching from the highway 24 at its northwestern end, to approximately Joaquin Miller Road to  the southeast, and from the Piedmont border just west of the Highway 13, up the hill to Skyline Boulevard. The neighborhood is mostly consists of winding streets through a canopy of trees, often creating a bucolic, living in the country feel. Many homes have views of the San Francisco Bay, and the homes range in size from small forest cottages to large estates.

The Montclair Village, a quaint collection of shops and restaurants (and many real estate offices) is a main attraction, and can be reached on foot by a relatively small part of the neighborhood due to its hilly nature. The hills boast a huge network of trails for hiking, biking, off leash dog walking and horseback riding. Roberts Park is a popular place for Oakland residents to have birthday and holiday celebrations – its picnic facility and playground, along with surrounding woods and trails, offer a great place for parties and get togethers.

Between Highway 13 and the border of Piedmont is a narrow stretch of Montclair known as “Piedmont Side of Montclair.” Although rolling and hilly, it’s slope is more gentle than most of the rest of Montclair, and a bridge over the 13 allows residents to stroll into the Montclair Village.

Piedmont Pines, the southeastern section of Montclair, is technically a separate district from Montclair, and some perceive it as a more prestigious address. However, it is also widely considered a part of the Montclair neighborhood. At the entrance to the neighborhood on Ascot Drive stands a small rock formation that is often painted with a happy birthday message, a quaint welcome to the neighborhood.