Berkeley is internationally known for it’s culture, diversity and academia – and the homes in Berkeley include a wide range of notable architectural styles. The University of California at Berkeley draws students, academics, researchers, performers, and activists from all over the world, blending a university town feel into the culture of the city. Renowned restaurants, abundant urban culture and the arts, and an interesting array of shops scattered around several commercial districts are some of the delights that residents enjoy.

From hilltop estates with staggering views of the San Francisco Bay and its iconic bridges, to bungalows just a few steps from quaint coffee shops and gourmet restaurants, Berkeley offers homes in a wide range of architectural styles, including Victorian era homes, period revival, many variations of the California Bungalow, and wooded retreats in the hills.  Many homes were designed by famous architects, including John Hudson Thomas, Bernard Maybeck, and Julia Morgan.

Berkeley is also conveniently located, and although residents would be hard pressed to find something they could not enjoy within the city limits, it has easy access to San Francisco and neighboring Oakland.

Historical Tidbit:

Berkeley is named for 18th century Irish philosopher and bishop George Berkeley, a suggestion that has been acredited to Frederick Billings, one of the trustees of the College of California, which later became the University of California at Berkeley.